Increasing Contributor Diversity

We are designing and testing frameworks that can help increase editor diversity in Wikimedia projects.

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Project overview

The Wikimedia community has long acknowledged the lack of diversity among its contributors, especially when it comes to gender. Only 10–15% of Wikipedia's editors identify as women, which signals the fact that a large pool of potential contributors has decided not to participate in editing Wikipedia. While Wikipedia aspires to represent the sum of all knowledge, this gap causes important flaws and biases in its encyclopedic content.

The underlying drivers of the gender gap in Wikipedia are unknown. The goal of this project is to identify the potential drivers of the lack of participation by women, design and test frameworks that can address the potential causes, and through such frameworks contribute to increasing the diversity of editors in Wikipedia.

Recent updates

  1. Voice and exit in a voluntary work environment

    We kicked off a new research project and collaboration aiming to design experimental frameworks to identify and tackle the potential causes of women's lack of participation in Wikipedia.

Project team

Leila Zia, Robert West


Jérôme Hergueux (ETH Zurich), Paul Seabright (Toulouse School of Economics), Ramtin Yazdanian (EPFL)

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